Devin Morgan
Ethan Durham


Devin Morgan is serial entrepreneur and business executive who has been working in technology innovation for over 20 years.  He is a patent attorney by training and has been deeply involved in supporting entrepreneurial ventures since 1999.  He has launched and run several small business ventures, primarily in legal and small business services.  As an attorney and intellectual property consultant, he has worked for Fortune 500 companies, AmLaw 100 law firms, and startup and growth ventures of all sizes.  He currently works part-time as Special Counsel to Hoffman Warnick LLC in Albany, NY and is board chair of Otsego Now, Otsego County’s Industrial Development Agency and Community Resource Corporation. 


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and get his perspective on local entrepreneurship from his TEDxUtica TED Talk: Check it out in the lower right corner of this page.

Devin has a bachelors degree in Engineering Science and Asian Studies from Dartmouth College and J.D. and Master of Intellectual Property degrees from UNH School of Law (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center).

Devin is a husband and father and now lives in Cooperstown, NY, where his wife grew up.  He is from south of Rochester, NY originally.  Devin has been helping entrepreneurial ventures start and grow for most of his professional life and has finally decided to take the leap himself.  He met Ethan and Art Durham over five years ago when one of their Board members asked him to help them sort out their patent portfolio.  He’s seen a lot of technology over the past 20 years, but nothing compares to what OGD has and he sees Good People as a great way to both live his own entrepreneurial dream and help OGD become the Central New York success story it should be.

Ethan Durham is experienced in marketing, sales, and business development for small technology companies.  He has over 10 years’ experience with Opto Generic Devices, Inc. selling encoders, adaptive energy controllers, and integrated energy control solutions into HVAC and other markets.  He has direct experience selling OGD’s Adaptive Climate Controllers (the product The Phoenix is based on) to New York State, HVAC and general contractors, hotels, hospitals, colleges, and other customers.  He has been directly involved in multiple rounds of venture, corporate joint venture, and angel funding with OGD and is presently supporting their business development efforts related to increased licensing, original equipment manufacturer technology integration, and venture-finance backed joint venturing.

Ethan’s professional experience prior to OGD includes commissioned sales and work with the disabled.

Ethan is a husband, father, and long-time resident of Van Hornesville, NY.  He is the son of OGD’s founder, CEO, and primary inventor, Art Durham.  Ethan sees Good People as an opportunity to support adoption of his father’s pioneering energy programming technology, while building a new company that honors his father’s legacy and expresses his own vision for using business for good.

Good People is a NY benefit corporation with offices in Cooperstown and Utica, NY. Our mission is to make energy savings easy while championing stewardship of energy, communities, and human potential.


Our Phoenix Fan Controller provides 10-30% energy savings with improved quiet and comfort and can be added to existing small fan HVAC systems (PTACs, fan coils, split systems, etc.) to extend their useful lives. It is well suited to institutions like government buildings, schools, colleges, and hospitals, as well as commercial buildings, office parks, hotels, and multi-tenant residential buildings.  We fix STOOPID (On/Off) fans!

What's a NY benefit corporation?  Read more about how we started a benefit corporation and see our 2016 Annual Benefit Report on the blog


Good People manufactures an energy-saving product, an adaptive fan controller for small HVAC systems.  It typically saves 15-30% of the energy used by HVAC systems and pays for itself in 3-5 years (without any government incentives, which we are working on developing).  It’s a win for the customer and the environment. 


STOOPID (On/Off) fans are wasting an incredible amount of energy and our goal is to make them smart, without having to rip out people's existing HVAC systems.  A controller that can turn ordinary PCS fan motors (your typical single phase AC motors) into continuously adaptive variable speed motors without any fancy digital processing can change the world.  No STOOPID fans!


Community starts with our sense of place.  We are Upstate New Yorkers.  We started our company here.  Our supply chain is here.  We are creating jobs here.  As we grow, we will share the wealth with our team, our partners, and our investors here.  We will give back to the local causes that we and our team are passionate about. 


We are focused on local customers, including government, colleges, hospitals, and major employers that can benefit from our product.  We are looking for creative partnerships to extend the reach of our local impact with installers, utilities, complementary products/services, and financing.  Then, because access to our energy-saving product is central to our mission, we will offer one free unit for every twenty purchased to a school or small non-profits that might not otherwise be able to afford them.  Let's bring energy-efficiency to every corner of our communities and make sure there is benefit for all.


People at their best are awesome.  We all want to learn and grow and serve our communities and families.  There just aren't enough work places that truly honor human potential.  We want to be that great place to work.


We are big believers that everyone is capable of creativity, learning, and accountability. Independence and decision-making are what makes work fulfilling and helps us bring our best skills to bear. So, we are embracing self-management and a truly flat organization to enable every team member to unleash their inner entrepreneur.  It will be an adventure developing the transparency, systems, and culture to make this work as we grow, but we’re really looking forward to it.

And we aren't stopping there.  We are champions and stewards, helping our communities, customers, and partners look for ways to cultivate human potential and let more people bring out their best.


We formed Good People as a New York Benefit Corporation or B Corp. It’s a relatively new corporate form that specifically provides for companies committed to a general public benefit in addition to creating value for shareholders. The big idea is that all stakeholders matter and shareholders’ desire for a financial return shouldn’t be put ahead of the business’s broader purpose and commitment to its customers, employees, and community, as well as sustainability and the environment.

Learn more about our journey to being a benefit corporation on our blog and check out our 2016 Annual Benefit Report (which is largely aspirational since we didn't have much in the way of operations last year).