Do You Share Our Values?

It’s an honest question. It’s not that you need to share our values to do business with us, but I do think value overlap helps. I’ve been feeling this a lot related to one of my other endeavors where definite tension is arising between the board and one of the executives. The problem doesn’t arise from what we are doing, there is alignment on wanting to get certain projects done. The problem arises from how it’s being done. On one side, you have someone focused on getting to the desired project outcome as efficiently as possible. On the other side, you have someone who thinks that a long view on relationships and reputation is worth slowing things down some. When it comes to leading a team or finding a common ground, values matter. I don’t know that the value gap will kill the relationship, but it definitely reduces organizational coherence and efficiency.

When it comes to hiring, leadership, and firing, values can have a huge impact on successful team building and reducing turnover. People like to think that values statements are pointless (and they are without a values-based culture to go with them), but I think they can be an important tool that many startups ignore until value differences actually start to create problems.

Because Good People is very much purpose-driven, it made sense that we develop a set of core values early. Here they are:

Good People are Genuine

We are what we are. We value transparency so that you know what we are up to and why we do what we do. We bring our whole selves to what we do and celebrate what gets us jazzed as people, not just as professionals. We want everyone to be true to themselves and we give every member of our team the autonomy and responsibility to be their best.

Transparency, wholeness, independence, accountability

Good People are Hard Working

We work hard to deliver the promise of easy, energy-saving technology and stewardship of good business. We are committed to our customers, partners, and other stakeholders. These days, working hard is about working smart with creativity, systems, and teamwork to minimize wasted efforts. We will do everything we can to deliver our products and solutions to our customers, with an equal commitment to our personal development, team, families, communities, and other stakeholders to keep things going for the long haul.

Commitment, creativity, systems, teamwork, personal growth, sustainability

Good People are Neighborly

Whether it’s grabbing a beer on the porch or lending a hand in a time of need, we understand that we are all connected. We will enjoy and celebrate our connectedness. We will lead by example and action. We are committed to giving back to our communities in every way: delivering a great product, being an awesome place to work, keeping things local, building partnerships, and supporting the events and causes we all care about.

Celebratory, community-minded, helpful, local, supportive

I’m sure I will belabor some or all of these in a future post. But in the meantime, I would welcome your feedback on what we see as our core values. Please post a comment or Contact Us.

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